Santa Cruz Shredder - 2pc Medium Aluminum Herb Grinder - Multiple Colors

Variant: Black
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Santa Cruz Shredders are popular with customers because they’ve established themselves as a quality grinder brand. Their classic aluminum grinders are a good way to give customers more easy-to-use shredder options. These grinders have grooves around the lid that make them accessible for those with weak grip strength.

To use the 2-piece grinder, simply pull the two halves apart to reveal the teeth. Place a nug or two between the teeth and close the device back up. Use both hands to turn and grinder the contents until there is little resistance. Have a rolling tray or flat surface ready, and then separate the two halves again to dump the grind out. 

  • SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER | Santa Cruz Shredder is a trusted brand when it comes to herb grinders. Their tooth design is patented and they take extra steps to ensure every grinder they produce functions well and is reliable.
  • ALUMINUM | This 2-piece herb grinder is made of aluminum and has an anodized finish that prevents scratches and keeps the grinder turning flawlessly.
  • MEDIUM | This is the medium size 2-piece Santa Cruz Shredder. It is 1” tall and has a 2.125” diameter.
  • 2PC | The 2pc Santa Cruz Shredder devices are very simple to use. They consist of two basic tooth layers. Instead of falling to a separate chamber, the grind is just dumped out on the table.

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