Ooze Resolution Gel Glass Cleaner - 240ml

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Ooze Resolution Gel Glass Cleaner is engineered to give your glass the best clean on the market! The natural, non-toxic formula easily removes resin and tar from glass bongs, rigs, bowls, tools, hands, and even clothing!

Each 240mL pouch contains a green, reusable gel cleaner that can be used in two ways. Unscrew the cap, pour about 3 ounces of solution into the piece, cover the holes with silicone Res Caps (sold separately), and give it a shake. Depending on how much resin you’re removing, you can pour the gel right back into the top of the pouch for future use!

You can also cut the top of the resealable pouch open, insert a small piece, zip it up and shake it around. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse with warm water to reveal a sparkling piece that’s as clean as the day it was bought! Your wait time may differ depending on how dirty the piece is. Regular use of Ooze Resolution will make for a super quick process each time.

Ooze Resolution cleaning gel is non-toxic and contains no alcohol or abrasives. It is free and clear of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), though we do recommend wearing gloves when using this product. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin to avoid any possible irritation. This product is made in the USA!

Resolution Colorado was purchased by Ooze Wholesale and is now an official Ooze House Brand. This is the exact same formula as the blue Resolution Res Gel, the only difference is the color change. All Ooze Resolution products are the exact same products that were offered by Resolution Colorado, they have just updated all packaging to reflect the new branding.

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