MB210 - Big Mom Glass Water Pipe

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BigMom 9mm Glass Beaker Bong - Your perfect everyday smoker that's made to stand the test of time. 

9mm thick borosilicate glass beaker bong is stronger and more durable than standard bongs. In addition, the classic Erlenmeyer flask design is easy to clean and makes for a perfect entry-level glass bong that's easy and enjoyable to use.  If you're a bit of a clutz with delicate things, then this thick bad boy bong is the one for you as it has some serious weight to it and a broad, heavy base that ensures stability.

The large Erlenmeyer flask chamber has the BigMom 9mm around it, all of which have an attractive frosted/polished finish.  

You'll get smooth hits from this beaker bong as the large chamber holds a good amount of water for cooling your smoke. The neck has a wide bore that's tapered, giving you the option to stack the neck with a massive amount of ice to cool your hits further. 

Just add water and your favorite herb, as this bong feature comes with a 6-slitted downstem and herb bowl, so it's ready to hit right out of the box. 

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