Hemp Living BUD™ HempCigs - Pack of 10

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Now you can have the perfect CBD cigarette without any fillers or blends, just pure organic American Hemp! Each pack containing 10 CBD cigarettes has 120 mg. of CBD per Cig. (1,200 mg. of CBD per pack)

Grab a pack of original CBD Bum A Bud cigarettes and enjoy the Elektra strain  or try the menthol version of Elektra in our Menthol packs! With great taste and pure CBD, don't be surprised when your friends want to bum a bud from your pack. 

Each pack has a sleek and modern branding with foil accents, and features a sturdy box with a security tape and gold foil accent on the inside. Each CBD cigarette has a filter and features the classic cigarette look. 

Every pack proudly supports American Hemp Farmers who grow organic Hemp without any synthetic pesticides. 

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