Kong Wraps - Hemp Leaf Hippy Honey 2pk Blunt Wraps - Lot of 10 (20 wraps)

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Flavored blunt wraps from Kong Wraps are a delicious, tobacco-free way to smoke. Made from organic, American-grown flower, they guarantee a smooth and pure toke with every smoke session. The Hippy Honey flavor provides the feeling that the wrap is dripping with real honey, not the artificial flavoring on tobacco wraps. These wraps are always guaranteed fresh. Each pack includes 2 wraps with 2 packing sticks. This is a Lot of 10 packs.
  • HIPPY HONEY | The Hippy Honey flavor is strong and sweet, which makes it feel like the wrap is drenched in honey. Infused with the natural terpenes, it’s a natural complement to a variety of different cannabis strains.
  • HEMP | Kong Flavored Wraps are made from ground hemp leaves. This line is made from a formula of the best hemp grown in Mexico. This specific strain of hemp has been cultivated in small batches for 200 years.

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