King Palm - Vanilla 24k Gold Pre-Rolled Cone Mini Cones w/Acrylic Packing Stick

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King Palm Vanilla Gold pre-rolled cone delivers a luxurious experience like no other. Unlike other gold rolling papers, King Palm wraps a Cordia palm leaf, not paper, in gold. The result is an incredibly smooth, slow-burning smoke.

These leaves were specially selected by King Palm because they naturally burn slow and have a very minimal taste. Each leaf is hand-rolled to craft a sturdy cone that won’t lose its shape as it burns. A signature King Palm band holds it all together, connecting the filter tip to the cone. The finishing touch on each Vanilla Gold roll is the vanilla flavored filter tip. Made of all-natural, non-GMO corn husk, the filter has a small, terpene-infused flavor pearl tucked inside. Squeeze the filter to pop the ball and activate the flavor; if the ball isn’t popped, the filter will taste unflavored. Once activated, the food-grade essential oils will intertwine with the smoke for subtly sweet flavor that highlights the strain’s natural flavors. King Palm Mini Cones fit 1 gram of ground flower inside. Pack the roll like an expert with the included acrylic packing stick. This is a rare accessory that is a collector’s item! Each pouch includes 1 Vanilla Gold Cone and 1 packing stick. Displays include 15 pouches.
  • GOLD | Each Vanilla Gold King Palm pre-roll is made of a Cordia palm leaf that is hand-rolled into a cone and covered with edible 24k gold. This is a high class cone that is truly fit for a King! The Mini size roll holds 1 gram of flower.
  • VANILLA | Each gold cone has a vanilla flavored filter tip built in. The flavor all resides in the filter, so no chemicals or additives are burned. Enjoy a subtle blast of creamy vanilla flavor with your favorite strain.
  • SQUEEZE TO ACTIVATE | Each filter tip has a terpene-infused flavor pearl tucked inside. Squeeze to pop the ball and activate the vanilla flavor. If the ball is left uncrushed, the filter will taste unflavored for a more natural experience.
  • TOBACCO-FREE | King Palm pre-rolls are made from the leaves of the Cordia dichotomy tree. Each roll is 100% tobacco-free, biodegradable, and all-natural. The corn husk filters are non-GMO and contain only all-natural essential oils, no additives or chemicals.
  • PACK IT | Each pouch includes an acrylic packing stick to help properly pack the roll with flower. This is a rare accessory that is a collector’s item! We recommend using a chunky grind for the ideal burn.

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