King Palm - 2pk Crown Cookies Flavored Wraps w/ Mint Flavor Tips - Lot of 4

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King Palm’s flavored wraps are the ideal product for any customer looking for a tasty, tobacco-free option to roll their blunts with! Each pouch includes two wrap leaves and two flavor-infused filter tips. Combining two different flavors in each pouch gives you complete control over the experience and can choose to activate the flavor in the filter or not.  

These are the world’s first palm leaf wraps and are completely biodegradable. These leaves come from the Cordia dichotomy tree, which produces an abundance of leaves that are quickly regrown after being picked by farmers. King Palm filter tips are environmentally friendly, too! Made from 100% corn husk, the dense fibers create the perfect barrier. A flavor pearl sits inside each filter, and you squeeze the filter until you feel a pop that activates the flavor. King Palm wraps and filters contain no additives, chemicals or tobacco; they use only all-natural essential oils to create these incredible flavor concoctions. 

The Crown Cookies Wraps were designed for the person who’s always down to order dessert. Roll up a tasty treat any time of the day with these delicious blunts that taste like an ice cream sandwich when used with the filters! Each leaf has a chocolate chip cookie flavor, that tastes even better when combined with the crush of the sweet Vanilla filter. These flavors were developed to complement the rich, aromatic terpenes in your flower. Satisfy your munchies with some Crown Cookies! 

Product Features:

  • 2 Chocolate Chip Cookie XL Wraps in Each Pouch 
  • 2 Vanilla Flavored Filter Tips in Each Pouch 
  • Compatible with 110mm Rolling Machines
  • 100% Palm Leaf 
  • Roll Your Own King Palm 
  • Tobacco-Free 
  • Slow Burning 
  • Infused with All-Natural Essential Oils 

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