Hemp Living - THCA Diamond Sauce - 2g Jar - Papaya

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All products containing THCA will not ship to states in which it is illegal(Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah)


This is a 2g jar of Hemp Living Papaya THCA Diamond Sauce. Our sauce infuses our pure THCA Diamonds with HHC Distillate and Terpenes. The end product offers a premier dabbing experience and exceptional high!

Papaya is an indica-dominant hybrid THCA flower known for inducing a sense of mental calmness while also providing an energetic and productive experience for many consumers. This strain is the delightful result of crossing Citral #13 with Ice #2, infusing it with a distinct fruity essence that remarkably resembles its namesake. The tropical fruit flavor is accompanied by a subtle spiciness and peppery undertones, offering a truly enjoyable taste.

All Hemp Living THCA Diamond Sauce is created using only the purest of extraction methods. The end product offers a premier smoking experience and exceptional high!

THCA Diamonds – 95% THCA, 0.22% Δ9THC

HHC Distillate – 98% HHC, 0% Δ9THC

This product is derived from legal hemp flower and contains less than 0.3% Δ9THC in compliance with the 2018 US Farm Bill.

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