Hemp Living - THC-O (500mg) CBD + Delta 8 (700mg) HempCigs Pack of 10 - Colombian Gold Punch

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Hemp Living THC-O Hemp Cigs transform mind and body, while offering a great tasting THC-O Cigarette that burns amazing. Unpack and enjoy the benefits of properly infused THC-O and Delta 8 Colombian Gold Punch CBD flower. Each pack of Delta 8 Cigarettes includes 10 cigarettes with 500mg of THC-O and 700mg of Delta 8 + CBD. We use premier High Flow filters with organic hemp wrap papers to make sure each drag is smooth and flavorful. There is no tobacco, nicotine, or fillers. Just pure CBD and Delta 8 distillate.

Colombian Gold Punch (Sativa) - Named for its origins in the Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia, Colombian Gold is famous for its distinctively sweet notes of lemon and lime. The name also hints at its resulting effects: uplifting, stimulating, and focused which makes this a fantastic daytime activity strain. We added in a little Sweet Island Skunk to up the pungence and give this the strain the skunky backbone it deserves.

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