Hemp Living Powered By Pop Cones - CBD Pre-Roll - Tropical Mango

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We are extremely proud to introduce four new flavors of Hemp Living CBD Pre-rolls, Powered by Pop Cones. Each Pre-roll contains 1g of premium Bubba Kush CBD flower in a Tropical Mango Pop Cone.

Pop Cones make it easy to enjoy a flavored smoke without worrying about inhaling any weird chemicals. The flavor resides in a little ball that sits in the filter tip. That means it never comes into contact with the flame, so no additives are ever burned. The cone itself is made of unbleached brown paper for a smooth, even burn. Locate the flavor ball marker in the filter tip and pinch where instructed. The ball will burst, letting the terpene-infused flavor penetrate the paper filter and mix with the smoke on an inhale. The cone will taste like a regular, unflavored pre-roll if the ball is left uncrushed.

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