Hemp Living - CBD Flower 3.5g Jar - Bubba Kush

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Bubba Kush appears to be an Indica-dominant strain that originated from the Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Very little is known about its history, but it’s widely accepted that CBD-rich Bubba Kush may have been created in the USA during the 1990s.

Our CBD-rich Bubba Kush flower exhibits a potent zesty
aroma that may carry lemon and orange notes with a powerful diesel background. Using Bubba Kush can result in body relaxation and mental calmness. Users of this strain often reports feeling a wave of euphoria relaxing for both the mind and body. Some even say that our Bubba Kush may work well to alleviate mild pain, muscle strains, and tension. Our Bubba Kush hemp flowers will have up to 15% CBD.

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