Happy Kit - Dry Herb - Mini - Variety of Colors

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Enjoy a smoke session anytime, anywhere with the Happy Kit Mini for Dry Herb! This adorable little travel kit includes the very basic essentials for lighting up on the go. Forget tossing your supplies directly into your bag or purse, risking your papers getting crumpled, piece broken, and the good old smell giving you away before you even take a puff. This travel kit includes a smell proof, zippered hard case, a zippered pocket inside, a one-hitter pipe and accompanying poker tool, and a 1 ¼ size pack of rolling papers.
  • DRY HERB | The Happy Kit Mini lets you enjoy a smoke session anytime, anywhere! That telltale smell of your potent flower will be trapped inside the smell proof case until it’s time to light up.
  • TRAVEL KIT | This kit was made to take on the go. Odors are trapped inside to help you fly under the radar, and the compact size of the case is ultra-portable.
  • ESSENTIALS | Smoking doesn’t have to be complicated. The Happy Kit Mini for dry herb includes a one-hitter pipe and poker tool to clear clogs, a pack of 1 ¼ size rolling papers and filter tips, and a zippered pocket to hold a few nugs or a small bag of ground bud.
  • MINI | Measuring just 3.5” by 2.5, this kit is small enough to toss in any backpack or purse, or even stash directly in your pocket.
  • SECURE | The Happy Kit Mini has elastic bands sewn inside to hold all the accessories in their place. Never risk crumpling your rolling papers, losing a nug, or breaking a piece again because they were loose in your bag. The back of the case also has an elastic band that can secure it to your bag.

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