Freeze Dried Sweets - Corny Crunch - Original - Freeze Dried Candy - 2.5oz. Bag - Lot of 3

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NEW from Freeze Dried Sweets - Galactic Corny Crunch: Get this lot of 3 pocket-sized 2.5oz packs of pure joy, where classic candy corn gets a freeze-dried twist! Each bite is a crunchy adventure, bursting with sweet, intensified flavors. It's a delightful snack for all ages, perfect for adding a spark of wonder to your day. Simple, fun, and irresistibly crunchy - Corny Crunch is the treat you didn't know you needed!

🍬 Crunchy Adventure: Dive into the unexpected crunch of freeze-dried candy corn. Each piece is a delightful surprise, perfect for adding a playful twist to your day.

✨ Sweet Sensation: Experience the intensified sweetness of candy corn in a new, crunchy form. It's a familiar flavor reimagined for a burst of joy in every bite.

📦 Sleek, Handy Packaging: Packaged in a 2.5oz bag, Corny Crunch is designed for on-the-go enjoyment. Easy to carry, it's a whimsical treat for all ages, anytime, anywhere.

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