Cake - HXC/HHC 1.5ML 1500mg Vape Disposable with Live Resin - Outer Space Sauce (Indica)

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This is a single Cake Outer Space Sauce HXC/HHC Vape Disposable with Live Resin natural terpenes. Each disposable contains 1500mg of HHC contained in a 1.5ML device. HHC is federally legal, according to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Sure, astronauts travel to space, but Outer Space Sauce may send you to an entirely different dimension. Soft earthy aromas combine with surprisingly smooth notes of skunk. Subtle hints of citrus and berries infuse it with a delicate sweetness. Prepare for clear-headed effects that’ll have you seeking out creative endeavors and new friends across the galaxy.

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