Cake - Delta 10 with Live Resin Disposable 1.5g Device - Swiss Meringue (Indica)

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Includes 1 Swiss Meringue Delta 10 Disposables with Live Resin Natural Terpenes by Cake. Each device contains 1500mg of Delta 10 infused with Delta 8, in a rechargeable disposable device. To comply with the 2018 Farm Hemp Bill, each unit contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Swiss Meringue is a hybrid indica/sativa strain with a complex fruity aroma and a tangy side, but finishes a bit sweeter. It smells like oranges, mango and honey with some earthy, sour hints.  The effect of the variety is quite euphoric with a powerful sense of well being and relaxation.

Store in a dark, climate controlled space. Extended exposure to light and extreme temperatures will speed up the oxidation process and potentially cause a loss of potency and/or taste. FOR ADULT USE ONLY - Use Responsibly - Keep out of the reach of children

Troubleshooting - With new devices, occasionally the airway can be slightly plugged by the distillate until it is warmed up by the air activated coil. This can usually be fixed by sliding an unfolded paper clip down through the mouthpiece to about ½ way down the device. This could be enough to free up the distillate and allow the coil to activate. You also may need to draw from it like a plugged straw (5-10 seconds) for that to free up. Some users find it easier to blow directly into the bottom (charging end) of the device, as if you were using a blowgun, to get air flowing through. If you see vapor produced, that means that the airway has been cleared and the device is ready for regular use!

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