Cake - Coldpack Series 1.5g THC-P + Delta 8 + HXC Disposable Vape - Pina Cozaza

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Cake is once again on the cutting edge releasing their premium 1.5g THC-P blend Disposables. The "Coldpack" series features a 1500mg blend of THC-P, Delta 8, and HXC in a rechargeable disposable device. To comply with the 2018 Farm Hemp Bill, each unit contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Pina Cozaza (Hybrid) is a well-balanced cross between Banana Kush and Starburst Bubba. The strain masterfully packs in the delicious flavors of the popular Pina Colada beverage. Each toke is accompanied by a fresh citrusy taste, sour pineapple, and even creamy banana. The aroma has a hint of earthiness and herbs, rounding up this bud one of the most interesting flavors on the market. Its high is as appealing as its aroma profile, enhancing energy and offering a strong mood boost. The user is able to take on the world after only a few tokes, so it’s highly recommended during the day or if there is any activity to be done. Pina Colada weed is often used for inflammation, headaches, depressions, and chronic fatigue due to its energizing effects.

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) is the most psychoactive natural cannabinoid on planet Earth! Delta 8 and HHC are the primary cannabinoids in this blend, but a little THC-P, believed to be as much as 30 times more potent than Delta 9 THC, goes a long way. You will still get the effects of Delta 8 and HXC, but with an extra punch! 

Store in a dark, climate controlled space. Extended exposure to light and extreme temperatures will speed up the oxidation process and potentially cause a loss of potency and/or taste.

FOR ADULT USE ONLY - Use Responsibly - Keep out of the reach of children

Troubleshooting - With new devices, occasionally the airway can be slightly plugged by the distillate until it is warmed up by the air activated coil. This can usually be fixed by sliding an unfolded paper clip down through the mouthpiece to about ½ way down the device. This could be enough to free up the distillate and allow the coil to activate. You also may need to draw from it like a plugged straw (5-10 seconds) for that to free up. 

Some users find it easier to blow directly into the bottom (charging end) of the device, as if you were using a blowgun, to get air flowing through. If you see vapor produced, that means that the airway has been cleared and the device is ready for regular use!

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