Butter HHC Disposable 2ML - Chapos Churro 2000mg (Hybrid)

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This is a single Chapos Churro 2ML HHC Disposable. Each unit includes 2000mg of HHC, which is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Hemp Bill. All batches are 3rd-party lab tested to ensure safe, high-quality HHC products.

Chapo's Churro is a rich and delightful hybrid from Northern Emeralds. With a nose that is characterized by spice, sweetness, baked goods, and forest funk this treat does not lack in complexity. When inhaled, those same spice and sweet notes come to the front and invite you back for puff after satisfying puff. Relaxing, yet playful in effect, a definite solid addition to any cannoisseurs collection.

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