Alto Heights - THC-O Cookies & Cream Cigarettes 400mg Pack of 10

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This is a 10-Pack Display Carton of Alto Heights THC-O infused Cigarettes. Each Display carton includes 10 packs of 10ct cigarettes and each pack includes 400mg of THC-O with 700mg of CBD. Each cigarette is infused with the AH exclusive Cookies & Cream terpene for added flavor and effects. There are no tobacco, nicotine, or fillers.

Cookies & Cream is a hybrid strain made from a cross between Starfighter and a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies. This sweet-tasting variety provides long-lasting relief for patients treating symptoms throughout the day, but high doses can induce an early night’s sleep. You will find sweetness in this nutty and vanilla profile, leaving you feeling happy, giggly, and relaxed. 

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