Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies – Small Hemp Rolling Trays – 2pk Red and Blue

The Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Tray makes breaking down and rolling up flower a breeze. The smooth finish makes the perfect surface to dump ground bud out of a two-piece or four-piece grinder to put in a bowl, joint, blunt, or bong! Use the funnel spout to neatly pour flower, kief, or even ash right where you want it. This tray is made of hemp composite, which is very lightweight and sturdy. The rounded corners make it easy to slide in and out of a bag, making this small tray a great travel companion

  • This is a 2-pack of Hemp Trays that includes 1 red and 1 blue tray. This is a compact black cardboard POP display.
  • SMALL | This is the small size of the Hemp Tray. Each kit measures 7.75” x 5.75”
  • SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER X COOKIES | Santa Cruz Shredder is a trusted brand when it comes to rolling accessories, and the Cookies brand is instantly recognizable. 
  • HEMP | This is the Hemp Tray. It is made from hemp composite that is incredibly sturdy and durable. The hemp material is super lightweight.
  • ROLLING TRAY | This hemp rolling tray has a smooth finish that makes it great for rolling up on. It has round corners and a pour spout to pour the ground bud neatly.


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