Santa Cruz Shredder – Small Hemp Rolling Tray Kit Assorted Colors

The Hemp Tray Kit makes packing bowls and rolling joints and blunts a breeze. The sifting screen sits on top of the rolling tray. Use the scraper tool to drag the ground bud across the screen, separating any loose kief or pollen through the screen where it drops down below. It can then be neatly poured into a separate container to save using the funnel pour spout.

The kit is made entirely of hemp composite, which is a very strong material. This kit is super lightweight and has round corners, making it great for on-the-go where it can slide in and out of a bag easily. The scraper tool has its own groove that it slides into on the underside of the lid, so it doesn’t rattle around during transport.

  • SMALL | This is the small size of the Hemp Tray Kit. Each kit measures 7.75” x 5.75” and comes in Blue, Purple, Green, Grey, Black, or Tan
  • SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER | Santa Cruz Shredder is a trusted brand when it comes to grinders and rolling accessories. These hemp tray kits are all made in the USA in California.
  • HEMP | This is the Hemp Tray Kit. It is made from hemp composite that is incredibly sturdy and durable. The hemp material is super lightweight.
  • TRAY KIT | The Tray Kit includes a rolling tray, sifter screen, and a scraper tool. The sifter screen is patent-pending, and the tray features a pour spout, rounded edges, and a secure lid.


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