Hemp Living – THCA Flower 1g Jar – GMO Cookies

This is a 1g Jar of Hemp Living GMO Cookies THCA Flower.

GMO Cookies, also known as “Garlic Cookies,” is an Indica strain that packs a powerful punch. It is expertly crafted by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Chemdawg, resulting in a strain known for its potent effects. The name GMO comes from its signature aroma and flavor profile of garlic, mushrooms, and onions. Consumers report that GMO Cookies provide a euphoric high that is mentally uplifting while also inducing a solid and relaxing body high that can alleviate pain. This strain has a pungent diesel aroma and a garlic-forward taste that lingers on the tongue. Medical patients often turn to GMO Cookies to alleviate symptoms associated with chronic pain, depression, and nausea.

All Hemp Living THCA flower is indoor-grown and hand-trimmed to ensure a premium flower experience.

THCA – 28.2%
THC – 0.16%

This product is legal hemp flower containing less than 0.3% THC in compliance with the 2018 US Farm Bill.


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