Hemp Living – THCA Diamond Sauce – 2g Jar – Alien Cookies

This is a 2g jar of Hemp Living Alien Cookies THCA Diamond Sauce. Our sauce infuses our pure THCA Diamonds with HHC Distillate and Terpenes. The end product offers a premier dabbing experience and exceptional high!

Alien Cookies, a captivating cannabis strain, emerges from the genetic fusion of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and Aliendawg. Revered for its unique sensory experience, this hybrid boasts a remarkable terpene profile, with Caryophyllene reigning as the dominant terpene, infusing the buds with a delightful spiciness. Accompanying hints of limonene and myrcene add subtle citrus and herbal undertones, elevating the flavor to a truly exceptional level. When indulging in Alien Cookies, enthusiasts are met with an aromatic journey that blends pungent earthy notes with a delightful essence of vanilla, making it a cherished delight among cannabis connoisseurs.

All Hemp Living THCA Diamond Sauce is created using only the purest of extraction methods. The end product offers a premier smoking experience and exceptional high!

THCA Diamonds – 95% THCA, 0.22% Δ9THC

HHC Distillate – 98% HHC, 0% Δ9THC

This product is derived from legal hemp flower and contains less than 0.3% Δ9THC in compliance with the 2018 US Farm Bill.


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