Hemp Living – Legendary Gummies – D8 x D10 – 10ct Pouch 500mg – Birthday Cake

NEW from Hemp Living – Introducing the highly anticipated Legendary Gummies! Unleash the power of the supernatural with each delectable gummy that packs a punch of 50mg Delta 8 x Delta 10 per gummy (and 10 per pack). These extraordinary gummies draw inspiration from the captivating world of legendary creatures! 

Howl at the moon with these Birthday Cake Werewolf gummies, crafted to capture the untamed energy of these mythical creatures. Brace yourself for a burst of wild flavor, combining the intensity of ripe fruits with the sweet finish of a buttercream cake. As the Delta 8 x Delta 10 blend courses through your veins, unleash your inner beast and embrace the primal power that lies within.

All Hemp Living Gummies are made from scratch with pectin (instead of gelatin), so they stand up to heat and are 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO. The important thing is that they’re infused with distillate, not just coated like some of our competitors. So, each gummy offers a more consistent and effective dose.

FOR ADULT USE ONLY – Use Responsibly – Keep out of the reach of children. We recommend that you start with half a gummy until you know how the effects hit you.


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