Freeze Dried Sweets – Trial Size Variety 5pk – Freeze-Dried Candy – 2.5oz Bags

Embark on a taste adventure like no other with this exclusive 5pk variety pack of freeze-dried candy from Freeze Dried Sweets! Each 2.5oz bag offers a unique journey through space and flavor, making every moment an out-of-this-world experience. This 5pk variety pack includes:

  • Galactic Corny Crunch: Dive into a pocket-sized universe of freeze-dried candy corn. Experience the classic flavor like never before, in a crunchy, intensified form. Each bite is a delightful surprise, perfect for those who love a playful twist on the familiar. Packaged in sleek, handy bags, Corny Crunch is your go-to snack for a spark of wonder.

  • Galactic Bursts: Explore the galaxy with our cosmic twist on chewy, fruit-flavored candies. Now in a crunchy, freeze-dried form, each pack is a burst of starry, fruity crunchiness. Zoom through vibrant flavors and embark on a rainbow journey in every crunch, all within cool, compact packaging designed for explorers of all ages.

  • Galactic Sub-Zeros (Freetles): Discover the enchanting world of Sub-Zeros. Our freeze-dried process transforms coated candies into a light, crisp bite that melts in your mouth, delivering an explosion of tangy flavors. Indulge in a vibrant rainbow of colors and tastes, from zesty reds to soothing blues, making each pack a symphony of unparalleled quality. Includes Original, Sour, and Wild Berry!

This variety pack is designed for candy enthusiasts who crave adventure, fun, and an extraordinary taste experience. Perfect for sharing, gifting, or enjoying on your own, these freeze-dried sweets are a delightful snack for all ages, anytime, anywhere. Embark on a cosmic confectionery adventure with Freeze Dried Sweets and elevate your snacking to stellar new heights!


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