Freeze Dried Sweets – Galactic Bursts – Original – Freeze Dried Candy – 2.5oz. Bag – LOT OF 3

Introducing Galactic Bursts from Freeze Dried Sweets – a cosmic twist on your favorite chewy, fruit-flavored candies, now transformed into an out-of-this-world crunchy treat. This is a lot of three (3) – 2.5oz bags of 2.5oz bags of Galactic Bursts. Each 2.5oz pack is a galaxy of flavor and fun, featuring mini, freeze-dried candies that were once soft and chewy, now turned into delightful bursts of starry, fruity crunchiness.

🌠 Galactic Bursts: Discover the crunch of the cosmos in each 2.5oz pack. These mini, freeze-dried candies, once chewy, are now stellar bursts of crunchiness.

🌈 Vibrant Flavors: Zoom through a galaxy of fruity flavors, each bite a vibrant, intensified taste adventure. It’s a rainbow journey in every crunch!

🚀 Cool, Compact Packaging: Galactic Bursts come in a sleek, space-themed pack, perfect for on-the-go cosmic adventures. Easy to carry, fun to share – a snack for every explorer.


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