Delta 10 THC: Is It a Legal Alternative to Marijuana?

Just as Delta 8 THC has established itself as a suitable marijuana alternative, there’s a new cannabinoid entering the market: Delta 10 THC. Delta 10 has been known to bring on a mild high without the drowsiness of other THC varieties, offering more sativa-like psychoactive effects. Where did this new type of THC come from? What is the legal status of D10? What should you look for when you buy it? Keep reading to learn more about this exciting cannabinoid!

Where Does Delta 10 THC Come From?

Delta 10 isn’t a new discovery, but traditional cannabis contains such small concentrations of this form of THC that it was difficult to research, let alone use -- until recently. When a concentrate producer bought cannabis from a crop grown near a wildfire, they found unusual new crystals during processing. Their testing lab identified these mysterious crystals as THC Delta 10. How did this happen? Wind had spread fire retardant chemicals onto the crop, kicking off a chemical reaction that transformed terpenes into this cannabinoid. This led to a line of research that resulted in a process to convert CBD into Delta 10 using food-grade chemical agents making it possible to produce Delta 10 on a larger scale for medicinal and recreational use.

What is Delta 10 THC, and What Makes It Different from Other Forms of THC?

“Delta” refers to the molecular structure of THC. Delta 8 has a double bonded carbon on the 8th carbon chain, Delta 9 (cannabis) on the 9th carbon chain, and Delta 10 on the 10th carbon chain.

What most people refer to as ‘THC’ is Delta 9 THC. This is the cannabinoid in marijuana that is responsible for marijuana’s strong psychoactive effects. Laws against marijuana often specifically target Delta 9, leaving the door open for Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC to be purchased and used legally on the Federal level. Delta 8 has developed a reputation of acting like a milder form of Delta 9, offering similar effects including euphoria and increased appetite. Users of Delta 10 describe it as being a gentle mood enhancer and “head high” without the drowsiness, anxiety or appetite stimulation of Delta 9 THC. In other words, Delta 10 feels more like a sativa strain of marijuana, while Delta 8 has effects closer to indica strains.

What is the Legal Status of Delta 10?

The 2018 Farm Bill deemed hemp products containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC legal on a Federal level. In practical terms, Delta 10 is legal, unless specifically deemed illegal by State or Local authorities. 

In most states, including Wisconsin, Delta 10 is 100% legal at the State level. Depending on how the laws are written, Delta 10 is legal under CBD legislation, or there simply aren’t any laws that apply directly to this form of THC. Wisconsin falls into the latter category, so Delta 10 doesn’t have the same restrictions as Delta 9.

Can I Pass a Drug Test if I Use Delta 10?

Drug tests look for metabolites created by the breakdown of THC, no matter its form. This means Delta 10 could potentially show up as Delta 9 on a drug screen.

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