Well, if you enjoy being naughty... You just might like HHC. 

The Best Part? Unlike THC, HHC is federally legal in the USA! 

Dare we say... BARELY Legal?

Learn more below! You know you want to...

Since the 2018 Farm Bill's passing, cannabinoids that are derived from hemp have been federally legal. You may have heard of Delta 8, Delta 10, or even THC-O. HHC, however, doesn't actually contain any THC (but that doesn't mean it's not fun)! HHC is similarly psychoactive to THC, though some argue it's more of a "THC-lite" experience. At Hemp Living USA, we carry a wide variety of HHC products including HHC flower, HHC disposable vapes, HHC cartridges, HHC edibles, and the popular Blue Razz Gummy Sharks from The Dopest! View some of our most popular products and place your order today! 

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From Our  Blog: HHC and You

Just about everyone has heard about the holistic benefits of CBD. Our bodies have endocannabinoid receptors built-in for a reason–to receive cannabinoids into our bloodstream.

Hemp-derived products containing Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, THC-O, THCv (the list is ever-growing) are flooding the market and it can be, understandably, confusing and overwhelming to determine which cannabinoid is right for you.

While we at Hemp Living can personally attest to the therapeutic benefits of a hemp-derived ‘high’, there is a new dealer at the table that is closer to Delta 9 THC, both chemically and perceptually, than any other hemp-derived psychoactive cannabinoid: HHC....

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