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hemp living, pot rocks, delta 8 pop rocks

Grape Delta 8 Pot Rocks

pot rocks, delta 8 pop rocks, hemp living

Strawberry Banana Delta 8 Pot Rocks

hemp living, pot rocks, delta 8 pop rocks

Watermelon Delta 8 Pot Rocks


Hemp Living Delta 8 Pop Rocks

Our Delta 8 Pop Rocks offer next-level Delta 8 absorption so you feel the effects quicker and last longer than other Delta 8 edibles. Overall, Delta 8 Edibles are a quick and easy way to ease into your wellness journey. Each packet of Delta 8 Pop Rocks (Pot Rocks) contains 100mg of Delta 8 THC, secured in patented foil-lined packaging for freshness. Our Delta 8 Pot Rocks come in 3 fantastic flavors: Grape, Strawberry Banana, & Watermelon. Get transported back to your childhood with the fun of the Pop Rocks candy, and add the adult fun of Delta 8 for a truly fun experience!