Why Choose Hemp Living?

Organic Hemp
It starts with Federal Farm Bill compliant organic hemp, grown without harmful pesticides and non GMO. 



Co2 Extracted
The plant is then ran through a high pressure, low temperature, supercritical Co2 estration process that turns the plant material into oil. The oil is then winterized removing fats leaving a 99%+ pure isolated and decarboxylated CBD crystal.



Lab Tested
Each batch of CBD is then sent to a third-party testing lab to ensure purity levels and quality control. Current test results show our isolate to be over 99% pure containing 0% THC.



Produced & Distributed
The CBD arrives at Lifted Liquids Labs where it is formulated with top selling national brand e-liquid flavors, filled into pods and packaged. Finished product is transported to Hemp Living headquarters where it is distributed into the marketplace.



Medicinal Strength Dosing
Our focus is on repeatable results driven by premium medicinal CBD that may assist in alleviating pain, anxiety, diabetes, seizures, cancer symptoms and insomnia. Users can choose 3 different levels depending on the severity of their symptoms.



Hemp Living Wholesale
Distributors and Retailers can check out our Hemp Living Wholesale Site. If you would like to inquire about ordering on Hemp Living Wholesale, please fill out this form