Horns Water Pipe By Bougie Glass

Horns Water Pipe By Bougie Glass

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The Banger Hanger Dab Rig with Horns is one of our newest rigs and it quickly became our most popular style of glass. Bougie Glass really delivered on a rig that is the perfect combination of unique and efficient. This rig features a female joint set at a level 90° angle which provides the perfect platform for these dome-less quartz nails in both in terms of function and aesthetic appeal. This style of rig is also ideal for the addition of a glass drop down adapter for use with an e-nail.

Watch as the built in perc perfectly filters the smoke and gives you clean hits every time. The flared mouthpiece makes for a comfortable sesh and the horns only make it easier to hold the rig, providing an extra handle. A Banger Hanger with a fresh domeless quartz nail is undoubtedly one of the cleanest looks you can get from functional glass.


Flared Horns
Height: 8 Inches
Joint size: 14mm Female
Includes: 14mm Male Dry Herb Bowl

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