Hemp Living - CBD Flower 1g Pre-Roll - Lifter

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Lifter CBD hemp flowers bloom pale green buds, which may have earthy undertones. Fluffy long buds are covered in a layer of snowy white trichomes, giving her a frosty look. The aroma released by our Lifter hemp flowers is earthy and sweet. A trained palette may detect a powerful oak fragrance with notes of lavender, blueberries, and mint. Just like its fragrance, the flavor profile of our Lifter hemp flowers is fresh and sweet. Creating a creamy, soothing smoke, leaving a floral, minty taste that will remind you of classic Girl Scout Cookies. Experiencing a surge of mind and body relaxation, which a burst of energy and creativity may follow. Overall, Lifter CBD hemp flowers are an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys a flavourful and robust smoke. Lifter CBD flowers can contain CBD levels ranging from 18% to 20%.

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