Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer!

It's no secret that the Delta 8 Industry is getting more crowded by the day. As breakthrough brands become increasingly rare in the Delta 8 space, there comes a point when something truly different emerges. We at Hemp Living have found something different and are proud to introduce: Tiny Dancer.

Tiny Dancer Delta 8 Disposables are flavored with complex profiles like Vanilla Key Lime Cookie, Rainbow Candy and Forbidden Citrus (creamsicle) and bring the first female-facing brand to an industry historically marketed heavily towards men. In reality, female consumers have grown to represent about half of the overall purchases in the vape and smoke business.

“When I looked at store shelves, they were full of the same stoner stigma products taken from the Cannabis industry,” explains Tiny Dancer creator, Camille Winans, “I saw my opportunity right then and there.”

For Camille, the underrepresentation of the female demographic on the shelf was an absolute necessity capture. She built a brand to represent women taking special attention to detail on the product development side. Tiny Dancer began in July 2018 when Camille was diagnosed with a condition known as Endometriosis.

“A friend suggested I try Delta-8 to combat the pain and inflammation I was experiencing as opposed to using traditional pharmaceuticals as suggested.” This led to Camille’s first experience with  the healing benefits of Delta-8 THC. “As someone who needed Delta 8 to function through pain I was experiencing during that time, I fell in love with the science behind it all,” Camille continues, “That’s when my passion for cannabis extended into the world of alternative cannabinoids.”

As a veteran of the e-vapor/smoke shop industry, Camille had multiple opportunities to own her own product. “nothing really excited me enough to put my name behind it. But Delta 8 was different.”

“I saw room in the market to blend my passion for cannabinoids with my existing industry experience and I jumped at the chance.” She wanted to create something that went above and beyond throwing synthetic terpenes in distillate and trying to stand out in an already crowded space.

Camille wanted the product offering to bridge the gap between first-time D8 users in the e-vapor and smoke shop channel using what she already knew—flavors. She paired flavors that complement the cross-strain formulation for an ultra-effective user experience.

“G-Spot, for example, is a Forbidden Citrus,” she explains. “So it tastes like a creamsicle, but it feels like Afghan Kush crossed with G-13.” “Consumers want a different experience when they try new things. My goal with Tiny Dancer is to provide that experience with every profile that we release.”

In short: Tiny Dancer is a premium product that hits hard, tastes like heaven, and is loudly branded feminine. Camille’s passion is undeniable; “when anyone tries Tiny Dancer the first thing I always hear is, "Whoa... that IS different!" That’s how we know we did our job, that’s how we know we got it right again.”

Tiny Dancer Delta 8 Disposables and Delta 8 Gummies are available for Retail at hemplivingusa.com and Wholesale at hemplivingwholesale.com. You can dance along with Camille on Instagram @tinydancer and she is always posting updates herself (@tinydancercam) because “social media is a fickle little thing.”

Cam Winans

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