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The numerous benefits of vaping Delta 8 THC are undeniable. With a variety of different products on the market, it can be difficult to know which is the best for you. Let's explore some Delta 8 Disposables from the leaders in the industry, like Cake, Treetop Hemp Co, and Strange Clouds and see how they stack up.

What are Delta 8 Disposables?

OK, let's start with the basics. Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid derived from hemp, similar to the traditional Delta 9 THC, but with less of the psychoactive potency. Over time, Lab technicians have been able to develop a usable concentrate (distillate), that can be added to devices like Vape Cartridges/Disposables, or infused into other things like Edibles and Flower (buds). Vape Disposables are generally a handheld device that is equipped with a factory-charged battery, which are often rechargeable.

How Do Delta 8 Disposables Work?

Most vape disposables come fully charged and ready to use. However, if you get one without power, check the base of the unit for a mini-USB plugin and charge the device with a standard mini-USB cable.

After the device is adequately charged, you should be able to draw air from the mouthpiece to activate the heating chamber which will heat up the distillate oil, producing the vapor that you inhale. Once you start drawing air from the mouthpiece, most disposables will have an LED light to indicate that the heating chamber is activated. 

One important step to remember after using Delta 8 vape cartridges or disposables is to keep the device upright after use. This will help keep the distillate from leaking out of the mouthpiece after it's been warmed up and thinned out. After the distillate cools, it may harden within the chamber. If a clog occurs, you can unplug most blockages with an unfolded paper clip or something similar.

Vape Disposables vs. Vape Cartridges

The biggest difference between Delta 8 disposables and Delta 8 cartridges is that cartridges require an external threaded battery to power the device. The vast majority of Delta 8 vape cartridges will use a "510 threaded battery", like the popular Ooze Slim Batteries. The number 510 actually means that it is 10 threads at 0.5 mm for each thread.

For convenience and ease of use, disposables seem to be the more trendy and popular option for those who want to grab and go without the need for additional hardware.

Best Delta 8 Disposable - Strange Clouds

With the flood of Delta 8 to the market, there's a number of devices to choose from. We've done the research, tested dozens of units, and found 3 brands that stand out in the industry: Cake, Treetop Hemp Co, and Strange Clouds.

Cake Disposables have been a hot item throughout the US because of their flashy red packaging and high potency distillate (940mg). They offer 16 flavor options, including the popular purple boxed White Runtz strain. However, their availability and hardware issues keep them from being our number one contender. If Cake was more responsive about replacing their leaking or defective items, we would be more forgiving. Also, even though they have the highest amount of flavor options, the strains seem to taste similar to each other.

Treetop Hemp Co's Delta 8 Disposables are a solid option for a number of reasons. Primarily, because of their bold flavor options. Each unit is uniquely flavorful and they seem to vaporize the distillate better than other devices. Treetop Delta 8 Disposables really shines because of their consistency, availability, and customer service. The hardware is good quality, so you'll rarely get a defective or leaking device. It's also worth mentioning that in the rare occasion you get a defective unit, Treetop will faithfully replace it. Our only gripe with the Treetop Disposables is they are formulated with 800mg of Delta 8 vs. their competitors who generally offer 900mg or more.

Strange Clouds has the best Delta 8 Disposable on the market. This sleeping giant burst into the scene at 950mg of Delta 8 throughout 9 flavor options. The beauty of this beast is in the disposable itself. The sleek and slim tapered hardware is perfectly designed and rarely clogs. Each unit is nicely boxed and then sealed within a tear away sleeve to keep it fresh and untampered. Whether you're looking for a heavy hitting Indica, like Grape Ape or a Sativa hybrid like Strawberry Dream, all of these will lift you up and have you in the clouds in no time.

Where to Buy Delta 8 Disposables

For the largest selection of Delta 8 products, look no further than Hemp Living USA. Choose from a range of options with competitive prices, including Dab Wax, infused Flower, lollipops, gummies, cartridges, and disposables. Need some help with your first order? Use discount code: SAVE25 during checkout and get 25% off anything in your cart at

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