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6 Common Myths Regarding CBD

Cannabidiol has many fans. Better known as CBD, it provides a way to experience the benefits of cannabis without the high. CBD appears for sale on websites, in smoke shops and at both farmers' markets and gas stations across the USA.

However, the abundant product also comes with abundant confusion. Hemp Living USA is an industry leader and takes pride in bringing you the truth behind 6 common myths about CBD.

Myth 1: Like marijuana, CBD is illegal at the federal level.

In the recent past, this unfortunate statement was actually true. However, the 2018 Farm Bill changed that by classifying cannabis plants with less than 0.3% THC as hemp. Hemp is legal at the federal level, and hemp-derived CBD is as well.

Most CBD comes in packages which clearly state it contains less than 0.3% THC. This means it's officially hemp-derived CBD and therefore legal according to both state and federal laws.

Myth 2: CBD is a completely non-psychoactive alternative to THC.

It's true that CBD does not cause the distinct sensory disturbances and euphoria

associated with being high on THC. However, CBD does impact the mind and is thus psychoactive. Rather than making us feel high, CBD assists with emotional regulation and helps to relieve anxiety and promote a positive outlook.

Additionally, CBD is not so much an alternative to THC as it is a complement to it. CBD and THC serve distinct purposes. While they can be enjoyed apart, they also work uniquely well together, as well as with the many other elements of the cannabis plant.

Myth 3: CBD makes you tired.

CBD has a strong reputation for alleviating pain and reducing stress. As a result, it can certainly promote relaxation and lead to a peaceful night of rest. However, CBD alone does not make a person tired.

When taken in moderate doses, CBD can actually increase energy and focus. If consuming CBD flower, the specific strain has a strong impact on whether the CBD will be relaxing or energizing. If consuming CBD oils or edibles, the addition of terpenes and other ingredients impacts the effect of the CBD.

Myth 4: All CBD is fundamentally the same.

CBD quality varies tremendously according to the method of extraction and the concentration of CBD in the plant. Like marijuana, hemp comes in various strains with unique terpene profiles. Terpenes work in harmony with a plant's THC, CBD and other cannabinoids to give each strain a distinct set of characteristic effects.

Today breeders are developing flowers which have higher concentrations of CBD. Scientists also work in collaboration with CBD brands to produce CBD isolates and blends designed to meet a consumer's specific taste and needs.

Myth 5: Only humans can benefit from CBD.

It turns out that both people and their pets experience unwanted side effects from prescription medication and welcome alternative solutions. As a result, scientific studies have recently found that CBD provides relief to animals afflicted by mild to moderate arthritis and back pain. Even vets also suggest to give CBD oil to dogs with separation anxiety.

Veterinarians recommend using liquid oils when giving CBD to pets. This allows for more control over the dosing, and current research suggests that CBD is absorbed better through an animal's mouth than through the digestive tract.

Myth 6: There is only one way to enjoy CBD.

Common CBD Myths

CBD oil capsules and tinctures have been trending across the USA for good reason. These are safe and effective methods of consuming CBD. However, they are far from the only ones to try.

You can purchase loose flowers or hemp cigarettes and smoke them just as you would marijuana or tobacco. For a more intense experience, you can vaporize CBD concentrates using a dab or oil rig. Meanwhile, if you prefer vape pens and e-cigarettes, CBD-infused cartridges will meet your needs.

CBD edibles, such as Infused chocolates, caramels, coffee, honey and jelly beans also provide a delicious way to experience CBD.

Hemp Living USA offers a dynamic selection of Wisconsin grown, organic hemp flower, alongside many other lab-tested, top-quality CBD products. Visit to shop online. To purchase in person, check out Urban Vape and CBD, located at 3473 North Oakland Avenue, Suite 101, in Milwaukee.

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Informative. I think smoking the flower is the quickest and most effective. The stronger CBD oils relax me before bed and help me sleep.

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