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Hemp Living Gummy Guide

Join us on a flavorful exploration of Hemp Living Gummies, where each gummy is a fusion of taste, potency, and quality. We are proud to offer a wide variety of made-from-scratch options, each with its own unique cannabinoid composition, package size, and flavor. They're also all vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free, so there's a Hemp Living Gummy for everyone! Let's delve into the details of each series below. See a 🏷️ symbol? This product line is in clearance/discount - Get it while supplies last!

Micro-Dose Series

Ideal for those starting their hemp journey, the Micro-Dose Series offers a gentle yet effective experience with various refreshing flavors. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD and 5mg of Delta 9 THC. With this lower dose comes a boost in flavor!  *The 10ct Jars are compliant products in Minnesota and other states that may limit the THC content to 5mg per gummy and a maximum of 10mg per container. If you’re just dipping your toe into THC and you’re curious about where to start, this is a great option!

Cannabinoids: Delta 9

Flavors: Mango Passionfruit, Orange Cream, Tropical Punch, Blue Razz, Berry Kiwi

Sizes: 10ct Jars*, 25ct Jars, 50ct Jars

Euphoric Blend Gummies 🏷️

The Euphoric Blend series combines unique HHC cannabinoid profiles with exotic flavors, providing a euphoric and enjoyable experience. Available as an HHC Blend or a THC-O blend, these gummies are available at great discount prices while supplies last!

Cannabinoids: HHC Blend and THC-O Blend

Flavors: Baha Blazzt, Pink Starburzt, Pineapple Whip

Sizes: 2ct Pouch, 10ct Pouch/Jar, 25ct Jar, 50ct Jar

Legendary Series

These extraordinary gummies offer a unique blend of flavors and a powerful combination of Delta 8 x Delta 10. Inspired by legendary creatures such as Sasquatch, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and unicorns, each bite transports you to a realm where the supernatural comes to life. With 50mg total Delta 8 x Delta 10 per gummy, you’re in for a Legendary ride!

Cannabinoids: Delta 8 x Delta 10

Flavors: Birthday Cake, Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, Strawnana

Sizes: 2ct Pouch, 10ct Pouch, 25ct Jar, 50ct Jar

THC-O Pure Gummies 🏷️

Experience the remarkable power of THC-O with our THC-O Pure Gummies, known for their potent and immersive effects. THC-O stands out as a powerful cannabinoid, offering a deep and engaging hemp experience. These gummies are crafted for those who seek an intense and memorable encounter with the essence of hemp. Exciting news for enthusiasts: our THC-O Pure Gummies are currently available at a special 30% off discount, but only while supplies last. 

Cannabinoids: THC-O

Flavors: Pink Starburzt, Pineapple Whip, Tropical Punch, Baha Blazzt

Sizes: 10ct Jar, 25ct Jar, 50ct Jar

Heavyweight XL Gummies

Packed with an incredible 300mg of THC-P x Delta 9 x Delta 8 blend per gummy, these gummies are here to revolutionize your cannabis experience. That’s right, you heard it correctly, a whopping 300MG PER GUMMY! Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey as the cannabinoids work their magic and envelop you in a state of euphoria and relaxation. 

Cannabinoids: THC-P

Flavors: Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon Blazzt, Mixed Berry, Blue Razz

Sizes: 1ct Pouch, 10ct Pouch, 25ct Jar

Heavyweight Series Gummies

The predecessor to the Heavyweight XL Gummies, this original THC-P blend offers great flavor and effects! Created for the “high-tolerance” crowd, Hemp Living Heavyweight gummies are a great addition to your store with 3 different flavor options and 4 sizes! 

Cannabinoids: THC-P

Flavors: Birthday Cake, Cherry Lime, Rainbow Candy

Sizes: 2ct pouch,10ct Pouch, 25ct Jar, 50ct Jar

HHC Gummies 🏷️

Our HHC Gummies stand as a testament to our commitment to purity and quality. Each batch is infused with only the purest HHC, a fact underscored by our comprehensive lab reports. These reports not only assure our customers of the product's safety and potency but also reflect our dedication to transparency and excellence. HHC Gummies provide a balanced hemp experience with popular fruity flavors, suitable for those who enjoy classic tastes.  Available now at a deep discount while supplies last!

Cannabinoids: HHC

Flavors: Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, Sour Apple, Watermelon

Sizes: 10ct Jar, 25ct Jar, 50ct Jar

Delta 9 Gummies

Hemp Living's Delta 9 Gummies expertly combine CBD and Delta 9 THC within federally compliant levels, offering a unique full-spectrum experience. These gummies are a harmonious blend of cannabinoids, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable effect. Crafted with great care, they deliver not only a profound flavor that delights the palate but also an effective, balanced experience that caters to both the body and mind! 

Cannabinoids: Delta 9

Flavors: Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Blueberry Lemonade

Sizes: 2ct Pack, 10ct Pouch, 25ct Jar, 50ct Jar

Extreme Nite-Time Gummies

Hemp Living's Extreme Nite-Time Gummies offer two tailored formulations for a better night's sleep. For those who enjoy a gentle buzz before bedtime, our gummies combine CBN with Delta 8 THC, creating a soothing nighttime blend. Alternatively, our THC-Free option fuses CBN with CBD, perfect for those seeking pure relaxation without THC. CBN is often hailed as the 'melatonin of cannabinoids,' known for its sleep-inducing properties. These gummies are not only effective in promoting restful sleep but also come with the added benefit of delightful flavors, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable end to your day.

Cannabinoid: CBN + Delta 8 OR THC-Free

Flavors: Fruit Punch, Sour Watermelon, Blue Razz

Sizes: 6ct Pouch, 12ct Pouch, 10ct Jar, 25ct Jar, 50ct Jar

Pure HHC-O Gummies 🏷️

Our Pure HHC-O Gummies take the hemp experience to new heights. Often described as HHC's 'big brother,' HHC-O is known for its enhanced potency and effectiveness. These gummies deliver a powerful and uniquely satisfying experience, ideal for those who seek a more intense encounter with hemp. Crafted with care and precision, our Pure HHC-O Gummies not only promise potency but also come in a variety of delightful flavors

Cannabinoid: HHC-O

Flavors: Baha Blazzt, Pink Starburzt, Pineapple Whip

Sizes: 10ct Jar, 25ct Jar, 50ct Jar

Delta 8 Gummies

Hemp Living's Delta 8 Gummies are a true classic in the world of hemp products, beloved for their consistent quality and delightful fruit-inspired flavors. These gummies perfectly capture the essence of popular fruits, offering a delicious and familiar taste that keeps our customers coming back. Each gummy is infused with the smooth, well-balanced effects of Delta 8, ensuring a pleasant experience every time.

Cannabinoid: Delta 8

Flavors: Blueberry Lemonade, Peach, Fruit Cocktail, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Banana, Watermelon

Sizes: 2ct Pack, 10ct Pouch, 25ct Jar, 50ct Jar

Shroom Living Gummies

The Shroom Living Series offers an innovative blend of traditional hemp cannabinoids with natural mushroom extracts, creating a unique and holistic experience.

Cannabinoid: Various blends including Amanita Muscaria (with or without D9) or the Euphoric Series includes Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Kava Kava, & Damiana Leaf

Flavors: Distinct flavors for each type including Blueberry Pie, Strawberry Cream, Pink Lemonade, Tootie Fruity, Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, and Cherry Pie

Sizes: 5ct Pouch, 10ct Pouch, 25ct Jar, 50ct Jar

Hemp Living Gummies present a wide spectrum of flavors, sizes, and cannabinoid profiles, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you're looking for a gentle introduction to hemp, a powerful euphoric blend, or a specialized formula for nighttime use, our gummies are designed to provide the perfect balance of taste and effect. Explore our collection and find the Hemp Living Gummy that resonates with your lifestyle and needs.

Experience the diverse world of Hemp Living Gummies today!