cannabis pioneers, hemp living usa, josh kesselman

Cannabis Pioneers #001 – Josh Kesselman

Early Beginnings

cannabis pioneers, josh kesselman, hemp living usa

Meet Josh Kesselman, the pioneering spirit behind RAW, the internationally acclaimed brand beloved by cannabis enthusiasts for its high-quality rolling papers. Josh's journey into the cannabis world began in New York, 1971. At just 16, he was captivated by rolling papers, but frustrated by the harshness caused by chemicals and additives in conventional products. Motivated to change this, he envisioned a line of rolling papers made from all-natural materials, free from harmful chemicals.

In 1993, Josh moved to Florida and took a job at a local smoke shop. Here, he experimented with various natural materials like hemp and flax in his spare time. After years of dedication, he perfected his product, leading to the birth of Raw Rolling Papers in 2005. Starting from his garage, the brand quickly gained traction for its purity and quality, soon becoming a staple in smoke shops across the nation.

josh kesselman, founder of RAW, hemp living usa

Global Takeover

cannabis pioneers, hemp living usa, josh kesselman

Josh Kesselman's RAW didn't just stop at rolling papers. The brand expanded to include a full range of smoking accessories like trays, filters, and pre-rolled cones, reaching over 40 countries. RAW’s commitment to sustainability — using unbleached, all-natural materials and minimizing waste — has not only won them fans worldwide but has also contributed positively to the environment.

Today, RAW is more than just a brand; it's a global leader recognized for its distinct minimalist design and commitment to quality and sustainability. Josh’s initial vision has indeed sparked a global phenomenon.

Why Celebrate Josh?

Raw Rolling Papers has made a remarkable journey from its inception in Josh Kesselman's garage to becoming a globally renowned brand appreciated by smokers worldwide. Its exceptional focus on quality and sustainability has helped it stand out in a crowded marketplace, while its unique branding has earned it immediate recognition among smokers.

Josh Kesselman and RAW Rolling Papers epitomize the innovation and quality that Hemp Living values. His dedication to creating an unmatched smoking experience with sustainable practices mirrors our own commitment, which is why RAW papers have been our choice for Hemp Living Pre-Rolls since our inception in 2018.

hemp living usa, josh kesselman, cannabis pioneers

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